Ask and you shall be answered! Yes. But those questions reapeat over and over again so to make things easier for me and you – I present you – Freakuentlyl Asked Questions!

By practicing, observing, studying, trying. Practice may not make perfect but it can make you very good.

Commission work takes around a full week (5-6 working days).

It would be faster or longer depending on the feedback time and revisions.

I starting every project on Monday, so if you have a tight deadline please ensure you mention it. We figure out something.

Usually it all goes in this scenario: A client finds and wants to work with me – we discuss things about the desired artwork. Before drawing I usually take a deposit of total illustration price. Depends on the artwork deposit can be 30-50% of artwork price. This deposit is non-refundable.

Then, I make sketches for the client and the client has to choose on which one I should continue working or if the client does not like artwork, a payment for another extra sketches can be made. Or we part on our ways and most probably I will finish artwork and sell it as a pre-made artwork later.

If client likes sketches I keep on working. I show the result and I provide 2 time revisions, any additional revisions are charged. After the illustration is complete and full price is payed I send artwork source files and the License to use. 

Yes. I provide free revisions – 2 times, any additional revisions are charged.

My rates depends on several factors include the number of design ordered, kind of design, and complexity.

Contact me directly for rates and pricing via Contact section.

Payments are acceptable via PayPal. You will send me your email and I will send a payment request.

Yes, sometimes. I accept Bitcoin, Etherium, Solana, Tezos, Tether. Maybe others.

Yes. Sold artworks that I’ve created are in full right to use for any personal or commercial project/s. A design is sold  exclusively for one buyer.

However I still keep the right for the design to use it in my social media (or any other online / offline platform) as a portfolio and so on.

I draw in Procreate and vectorize usually with Affinity Designer but sometimes with Adobe Illustrator.

Usually, I make my own typography but when I use fonts I do not include them in respect of these fonts original authors. Luckily enough, most of the fonts I use are either cheap ones or even free ones. So all I can do is to give links.

Also, I can edit texts in early process of making illustration.

This is coming soon. Most probably it will be on Redbubble.

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